Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spain Stunned By "Queen Not A Leftie" Claim

Spain is trying to recover from the revelation this week that Queen Sofia is not left wing. One observer, struggling to hold back tears, remarked that the Queen had always seemed so nice as she comforted accident victims by saying “I hope you get better soon dear”. Now, all of a sudden, it appears that she is behaving like a hereditary monarch. Rumours that her relatives fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War are also being rapidly reassessed.

The Queen, who comes from the same family as Britain’s famously open minded Prince Philip, is said to be bemused by the impact of her remarks. She is quite happy for homosexuals to do what they want as long as they do it somewhere else, women who have abortions will burn in hell and a failure to teach religion in schools may even lead to some misguided pupils accepting the theory of evolution. So what’s the fuss about?

The Royal Family has issued a statement claiming that her remarks were made in private and that their subsequent publication in a widely publicised book coinciding with her 70th birthday was down to a misunderstanding. The incident follows last year’s equally shocking news that the King, having given full consideration to the other alternatives, had reached the conclusion that the monarchy is a good thing.

Salud y Republica. A brilliant front page from yesterday’s Público.


David Jackson said...

Just out of interest... what twit honestly thought that a 70 year old aristocrat, Queen of Spain, brought up in the vilest traditions of Catholics, was some sort of new age hippie well versed in free love and the liberal society?
Although as I understood it she actually said that gays shouldn't use the word "marriage", not that they shouldn't enter into civil partnerships.
I liked the defiant answer given by the head of a gay society when asked if his grandmother was in favour of him getting married to his partner: "My abuela is in favour of anything that makes me happy!"

Troy said...

Of course gays shouldn't use the word "marriage"! Every Spaniard worth their Razón should know that!

Silly gays expecting to share in the tradition of 2 people living and sharing their lives together. I mean where in the bible does it say that Adam and Adam lived together? Wasn't Eve created specifically to accompany him from his own rib? Every schoolboy and girl knows that! Imagine them having the nerve to think that their relationships are anywhere near similar to Eva serving man! I mean, with 2 men, who serves who!?

It took someone from the entirely sensible 21st century institution that is the monarchy to set us straight!

I'm now going to do a little blood letting to relieve my headache, to be followed by a little witch burning.

Graeme said...

David, I think there's always a will amongst those who support the monarchy to try and portray the institution as being more in touch with the times than they actually are. Otherwise you have to end up acknowledging that it's just a medieval leftover.

Troy, if you know of any good alchemists then let me know.

Troy said...

Hasn't Fraga found the fountain of youth? Maybe he knows a good conjurer or 2?