Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Say You Chaps, Let's Rock!

A curious video resulting from the latest initiative by the youth wing of the Partido Popular in the Basque Country. The political message seems to be “never mind the politics, enjoy the music”, but this performance by the band Pignoise serves more as a handy “spot the pijo” guide. The obligatory, but completely uncoordinated, clapping that the PP’s yoof section maintain throughout suggests that their true musical tastes perhaps lie elsewhere. Apart from the contrast between the appearance of the band and their audience, it’s amusing to see how the clapping suddenly picks up again each time the camera pans around.



Tom said...

Good lord! Yes, lots of pijos and maladjustats. But what an awful piece of music! No wonder the aristos found it difficult to sway in time!

Troy said...

I had linked to your blog from mine about this youtube link and it looks as though the powers that be have taken it off...think it can be found elsewhere?

Graeme said...

Thanks for pointing that out Troy, I've now replaced it with what claims to be the "complete" performance. You get more dirge for your money on South of Watford.