Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alternative Investment Plans

If the Spanish government's decision today to guarantee bank deposits up to €100,000 doesn't satisfy you, then allow me to recommend BINBAGS - the Balearic Investment Banking and Gardening System. It's quite simple to join, especially if you are the proud owner of many of those elusive €500 notes that the Spanish government would like to see circulating a bit more legally. All you need to get started is, er, a high level position or contact with the previous PP run administration in the Balearic Islands regional government, a wooden box, a bin bag (of course!), a garden, and preferably a spade to guarantee your deposit. Also, there's no commission - because you've already received it!


Colin said...


Belatedly [internet problems], good luck with your new challenges in Germany.

As for Spain, are you sure the socialists are whiter?

Graeme said...

To some extent they are Colin, which is not to suggest they don't have corruption cases - I've written about Seseña and Estepona on this blog. The significant difference is that those responsible have been removed whereas the PP looks the other way. The PP has always liked to maintain this Gonzalez era myth that it's only the PSOE involved in corrupt activities. The Balearic government was run by a former minister of Aznar and is turning into several major corruption cases. Then there is Mr Fabra and all those Mediterranean PP strongholds where construction fuelled development has been their means of wielding power.