Saturday, September 29, 2007

Young Businesswoman of the Year

It’s not unusual for South of Watford to have a little awards ceremony, and it’s time for the spotlight to hit one of those young entrepreneurs who is doing so much to make Spain one of the world’s major economies. So my award for Young Businesswoman of the Year goes to Ana Aznar. At the tender age of 26, Ana has shown sufficient drive and initiative to become the administrator of Comercial Mitford Spain. Just before she was named to this prestigious position the capital of this young company rose quite suddenly from €3000 to over €500,000. An interesting detail of this increase in capital is the fact that the money was paid into the company account in cash. Things have been so frantic for Ana and the company that they still haven’t got round to submitting the company accounts for last year, having missed the deadline for doing so.

Sources close to Ana and her husband Alejandro Agag have suggested that this sudden windfall for the company comes from the couple having “savings” that they want to invest. So apart from showing keen business skills Ana also has a knack for household economics; try as I might I never seem to reach that cool half million in savings. It just shows that I lack that killer business instinct. The London based couple most probably transferred their savings in cash to avoid those troublesome commissions that get charged for international bank transfers. In any case, if there are any taxation issues involved Ana can always seek advice from her father, himself a former tax inspector and now also an international businessman.

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