Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Municipal Elections 2007....There's Only One Party In The Race

Continuing on the theme of the coming local elections, my weekend away meant that I didn't get a chance to write earlier about the political storm created by Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie turned up for a press conference in Valencia last week to announce details of a proposed Grand Prix to be held in the city. So far so boring, but things got more interesting when he decided to reveal that the race would only go ahead if the Partido Popular (PP) won the regional and city elections in Valencia.

He had done a deal with Francisco Camps, the current president of the region, and made it clear that his deal was with people rather than cities. Clearly, for Bernie just being a multi-millionaire is not sufficient; you have to be able to demonstrate the power that money brings by showing how you can manipulate opportunistic politicians, and in the process milk some public funds for putting on another race in a country which already has a Grand Prix. Camps decided not to remind Bernie about any integrity issues, and expressed his gratitude for this little piece of electoral blackmail.

If the race ever takes place it will soak up a significant public contribution, which following the best sporting traditions will be channelled through one of these private companies that always seems to be on hand when called for. The rights to Formula One in Spain are now in the hands of Alejandro Agag, whose main previous claim to fame has been to marry the daughter of José Maria Aznar in a wedding at El Escorial that saw Aznar acting more like a king than a prime minister. Agag claims he has nothing to do with the Valencia deal, which seems a bit strange just from the business point of view - without going into the clear political connections that exist.

Anyway, just in case the voters of Valencia decide to revolt against this cynical manoeuvre, and also for the benefit of those living elsewhere, South of Watford is proudly able to provide you with an exclusive do it yourself, play at home version of the Valencia Grand Prix. Any breach of property rights is entirely intentional, so here we go:

Rrrrrrrinnnnnnnn.................... rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn................ rrrrrrrrrriirinrinrinnnnnnnnnnnnn.......... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......

and etc etc for the next 2-3 hours. Who has won? Bernie, of course.


Katie said...

thanks for bringing this to light. my boyfriend (valenciano) told me about this the other day--it just absolutely disgusts me.

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