Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Esperanza Forgot To Thank You

The appeal supported by South of Watford to help Madrid regional president Esperanza Aguirre in her time of greatest need has now come to an end. The results of this heartwarming appeal, launched by Periodismo Incendiario, have been published at the blog set up to support it. The grand total collected has been €509.82, which might not seem like a huge sum, but which would surely be welcomed by anyone who has to hesitate before turning the heating on in winter.

Strangely enough Aguirre has not replied to the letter that was sent offering solidarity to see her through these difficult times. Perhaps her hands were so numb with cold in that Madrid palace that she was unable to pick up her pen and write back to accept the money? Or maybe it is just a case of simple pride, she preferred to wrap herself in another blanket rather than be seen accepting donations from people whose salary - it has to be said - is not quite as high as hers is.

Never mind, the money has gone to a good cause. The proceeds of the appeal have been evenly split between the Asociación de Victimas del 11-M and Attac España. Neither organisation is likely to receive equivalent help from the regional government that Aguirre presides. Esperanza can warm her chilly heart knowing that the money she was sadly unable to accept will be put to good use.


madrid teacher said...

It looks like Esperanza is not the only one suffering in the Madrid PP, Gallardon seems to be losing some of his supporters in Madrid.

Graeme said...

Yes, it's a sign of how far gone these people are that they attack virtually the only senior poltician they have with the power to attract votes from the political centre.

madrid teacher said...

Reminds me a bit of what happened to the Tories after Thatcher a move to the right ( or further right!!) in language at least if not in actions. It could be the start of some serious wilderness years for the PP

Graeme said...

There are a lot of parallels - a resentful and still powerful ex leader pulling the strings in the background. An ageing party membership not realising that what gets them excited is not what excites the rest of the country. Needless to say, the prospect of them having a good time out of power causes no tears to flow down my cheeks.