Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Appeal Update....1 Euro For Espe

Who said solidarity was dead? The wave of public sympathy provoked by the appalling plight of poor Esperanza Aguirre has now reached the point where everyone can do their bit to help drag her out of poverty. The brave and selfless initiative launched by Periodismo Incendiario has now led to the creation of the web page 1 Euro Para Espe. From this page anyone will soon be able to make a donation of 1 Euro (or more) to this campaign, which is intended to run until the 12th April 2007.

Should Esperanza, perhaps out of pride or what remains of her self-respect, reject the generous offer of the money that has been collected, the proceeds will be shared between the following campaigns:

La Asociación de Victimas del 11-M - the association of victims of the Madrid bombings which has been refused support by the regional government of Madrid.

Attac España - an NGO who can use the money to campaign against poverty.

The payment options currently available are via direct payment into the Bankinter account number:
0128 / 0360 / 65 / 0100026664

or send an SMS text message MENS ESPE EURO to the number 5377 - you will receive a message in return acknowledging your donation, I just tried it and it works. The cost of the text message is 0,90 cents. Of this money only part goes to the campaign so you may wish to send two messages.

If you agree with this campaign and you have a blog or web page, then please help to spread the message. If you agree and just want to make a donation then that is great. Let's show that the Internet also works for helping the needy, I am sure Esperanza will never forget your gesture.

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