Thursday, March 08, 2007

Madrid's Exit....The Scientific Explanation

I have a much better explanation for Real Madrid's elimination from the Champions League last night than the usual "we were a bit unlucky", or "the referee should have given us 18 penalties". According to El País, German scientists have discovered the ability to know what someone’s intentions are before they actually do anything! Now clearly the Madrid players would not be aware that Roberto Carlos would just let the ball bounce off his foot (it seems they don’t learn from experience), but German technology means that Bayern were ready and better prepared.

In any case, Madrid’s exit from this competition is a bit like springtime and global warming; every year it seems to come a little bit earlier. You don’t have to be a great visionary to see that Fabio Capello, the Italian Messiah whose reappearance had been eagerly awaited for years by the faithful, is about to start packing his possessions. His successor will have to start virtually from scratch with a completely unbalanced squad. Meanwhile there is no urgent need to build any extensions to the Bernabeu stadium trophy room.

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The Pillion Passenger said...

three years now and real madrid still look hopeless. los galacticos were abysmal last year and all of them should have been pack off.

roberto carlos, one free kick aside, is a poor man's terry phelan. not sure what happened to Raul, think he had an argument with his wife, but anyway he just hasn't cut it. and capello? i don't know one spaniard who supports his dull, defensive approach - and he can't make that work this season!