Friday, March 16, 2007

Aznar The Crusader....The Taliban Are Coming

The wonderful thing about embittered politicians is the difficulty they have in keeping quiet once they find they are no longer the centre of attention and are in danger of being forgotten. Margaret Thatcher was an excellent example of this until the doctors threatened to put her to sleep if she didn't keep quiet. Here in Spain we can always rely on the wisdom of José Maria Aznar to entertain us in between street protests in Madrid. This week provided a fine example of Aznarist thinking, if that is not too flattering a description of the mental process behind what follows. Responding on a reported Al-Qaeda threat to Spain because of the presence of its troops in Afghanistan, Aznar made clear what the consequences of Spanish withdrawal would mean:

"The implementation of Islamic law in part of our territory...."

Perhaps this refers to a long forgotten Spanish claim on Kandahar? It certainly cannot be a reference to Navarra, because that has already been handed over to ETA by Zapatero. This startling revelation was made at a press conference to launch a book bizarrely titled "What do the Spanish neo-cons think?". Who are the Spanish neo-cons might be a better question, there can't be much more than 20 of them and its hard not to think that they might just have missed the boat on this issue. One thing is for sure, if things get very tough for the Spanish troops in Afghanistan, you can be sure that Aznar and the neoconitos will do their very best to organising a demonstration against the government.

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