Monday, January 16, 2012

The Supreme Leader Is Dead, Long Live The Dear Leader!

Silence descended last night on the deserted streets of the Spanish capital Madrid, as inhabitants of the country tried to come to terms with the death of Kim Don Manuel, known to all as The Supreme Leader. Reliable information is hard to come by in such a secretive regime, but it is rumoured that Kim Don Manuel had been ill for some time so his death at the age of 167 came as little surprise.

Although official media reports talked of many people crying today on the bleak wintery streets of Madrid, correspondents from outside have pointed out that it was in fact raining steadily all day. Regime supporters went so far as to claim that even the sky was in mourning for The Supreme Leader. All state publications today carried the same glowing tribute from The Dear Leader, Kim Jong Rajoy, to the dead man, although some foreign observers couldn't help noticing that the article made no reference of any kind to the role of The Supreme Leader in the terrible years following the brutal civil war that tore the country apart in the 1930's. 

The two men were not believed to have been close. Indeed, unnamed sources close to the regime have confirmed that Kim Don Manuel disliked Kim Jong Rajoy. At one point The Supreme Leader even banished Kim Jong Rajoy from his native province of Galicia to work in a menial job registering properties in the remote, semi-desert, province of Alicante. Only after his subsequent confession of vaguely worded crimes and following the accession to power of The Greatest Leader Comrade Aznar was Kim Jong Rajoy rehabilitated and permitted to return to active political life.

Kim Don Manuel was known for his legendary achievements, including his famous espousal of regular bathing in heavily radioactive waters to show support for the country's allies and to promote the ailing tourist and nuclear industries.

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