Saturday, June 06, 2009

European Elections 2009....The Results From Spain

These are the votes of the Spanish jury. Oh sorry, wrong contest. Where there's a widget there's a way, and I've taken advantage again of the skills of the technical team to offer the full results of the European elections in Spain as they are announced. According to the widget, this should start happening some time after 20:00 (Madrid time) on Sunday June 7th. In the meantime, you can check out the results of the equivalent 2004 election.

A neat summary of the campaign between the two biggest parties from Peridis in El País.

Update June 7th 19:00

The figures released on participation so far show it to be almost exactly the same as the elections in 2004 - which ended up around 45%. It seems there won't be any official results before 22:00 tonight because they don't get announced before the polls have closed in other countries. By that time much of the Spanish vote will already have been counted. All we will get before then will be exit polls.

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