Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Let's Send Aznar To Cuba

I suppose that the revelations this weekend concerning the Aznar government's complicity with the transport of prisoners to Guantánamo have not come as a great surprise to most people. Even so, it's nice to have the confirmation. What has also become clear is that the then government was so convinced of the morality of what it was doing that it even had some cute little lies prepared in the event that the Spanish people found out what was being done in their name.

The current administration has denied any knowledge of Aznar's collaboration with the US on this issue. The denials are not very convincing. There has been a long running judicial investigation into the flights that are said to have stopped over in Spain as they transported prisoners between various countries and the prison camp in Guantánamo. The evidence emerging from that investigation suggests that such flights continued after the change of government in 2004. Zapatero's government has turned their back on that investigation, and done very little to cooperate.

The Partido Popular has come out with their now standard cut and paste response that any attempt to talk about an issue other than the economy is simply a diversion. Mariano Rajoy is still being affected by serious memory problems about the decisions taken by a government in which he was a senior figure. I laughed when I saw them complaining about official documents being leaked, Aznar boasted loudly after leaving office that he had copies of all official documents relating to the Madrid bombings whilst the incoming government found that the originals appeared to have been shredded. It seems he didn't manage to carry away everything about his term in office.

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