Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Romans Go Home

I went to the cinema yesterday and in the toilets I saw a xenophobic piece of graffiti inviting British and American language teachers to go home. The graffiti was notionally in defence of public education but had of course missed the target. It's the Condesa de Murillo who is determined to further lower education standards by seeking to ensure that children are taught in the cheapest possible way in a language that most of them barely understand. To that end she wants to use native teachers as a weapon in her battle with the Spanish teachers. Unfortunately, the second part of the graffiti fatally undermined the case the author was trying to make. It went something like this (in the original English): 

"Stop stealing the Spanish from their jobs" 

 Remind you of anything?


Tom said...

Huh, I never kjnew she was actual nobility. Goes to show. And she's a DBE as well. How did that happen?!

Graeme said...

Why is she a DBE? I think you might be looking for a logical explanation where none is required. She's an aristocrat and an Anglophile, especially concerning that mad person that Meryl Streep has been doing recently. Given the way the UK honours system has traditionally worked, what further qualifications might be required?

BigCrompy said...

The phrase refers to being either north or south of Watford Gap, not Watford itself.