Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spanish General Election 2011....That PP Programme In Full

It's so unfair. All these people saying that the Partido Popular refuses to spell out what it will do if it comes to power. Fortunately, we have this video to reveal in full and glorious detail the PP's plans for our future. Courtesy of José Ramón Bauzà, president of the Balearic Islands, allow me to present to you the PP programme in just 18 seconds! In case you are wondering, this is not the abridged version.


Graham said...

What an absolute idiot. Good to know he will be one of those in charge after Sunday isn't it?

By the way I love the fact that the Capcha here for me is Hosta. Obviously it should be Hostia

Lee said...

I was going to post this on my Facebook account, with a translation, but I swear to god, after listening to it a dozen times I can't figure it out. Someone call Lewis Carroll back from the grave. Maybe he could do it.
It's a mobius strip in words.

Graeme said...


If you live in Baleares he already is in charge - one of the PP's rising stars. Although I think he became candidate because there was no other PP member on the islands who wasn't facing criminal charges.


I was thinking of calling in Don Rumsfeld to help out.

Coco said...

I saw this the other day on Intermedio and immediately thought of you - so glad you posted it.

Politics according to Cantinflas.

skeen said...

Translation? Isn't it the chorus to that song by the Police?

Graeme said...

It might as well be, for all the content that it has. As Lee already pointed out, this is not as easy to translate as it might seem. Capturing the sheer vacuity of these words is not simple. Perhaps we'll just leave it as "you'll know what we're going to do after the election".