Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm off walking in Madeira for a few days, but I wanted to post this fantastic video. Entertaining but as good an explanation of the crisis in Spain as you are likely to find anywhere.


Alex Cachinero-Gorman said...

hey there. i've been following your blog for a little while now, and have been impressed with the level-headedness and sharpness of the coverage.

little expatriate españolito here who's going to be in spain in july for the dialogo global barcelona 'decolonial summer school' program, during which i plan on connecting with spanish activists, learning from their struggles, and taking some video in the process. i have a strong interest in BDS in particular--seeing the JSF link on the side made me squeal with joy.

you don't seem to have any contact info up anywhere, so if you see this message, please, i'd love to chat!

Graeme said...

Alex, you can mail me at

gef said...
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gef said...

Es todo cierto lo que explica el vídeo, macho. Salvo que de Españistán, nada. España es sólo una más pobre versión de sí misma; los "—stán" padecen otras patologías y ninguno ha tenido las mismas ilusiones y decepciones como aquí.