Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Productos Regionales

It's quiz time on South of Watford. We did a little bit of shopping on our holiday weekend, and what I want to know is where you think the products on display here came from. Naming the comunidad autonoma doesn't count, I'm not even sure I'll accept the province. Naming either of the villages where these items were purchased will win up to 1 million special South of Watford bonus miles.*

From left to right and starting at the back we have:

Cecina de chivo
Longaniza de chivo
Queso de oveja
Chorizo de potro
Cecina de vaca
Lengua de vaca

* bonus miles usable only in participating establishments


Lavengro in Spainh said...

No comments? Can't have that. From the presence of cows I think of the north but the sheep bring me further south. Castilla y León?

Graeme said...

Thank you for coming to the rescue of my sorry little competition. Your guess is a good start, but I think you can narrow it down a bit more than this.

ejh said...

Let's 'ave a pop at Vegacervera

Graeme said...

Well that puts us out of our misery. I like to think that you reached that conclusion by a deductive method that didn't include Googling "cecina de chivo". Now the only question is what are you going to do with all those bonus miles?

Lavengro in Spain said...

Congratulations ejh. Now, where's Vegacervera? I could do a Google search but ...

Graeme said...

To the north and west of the region you identified. León. The chorizo de potro and cecina de vaca came from Villamanín, about which I hope to write more some time because it is home to one of the best restaurants I've been to in Spain. The rest was bought in Vegacervera, the sheeps cheese might seem slightly out of lace but it is from the area.