Thursday, April 22, 2010

Contra La Impunidad

With all the attention being focused on the possible trial of Baltasar Garzón, it's easy to forget the issues that lie behind the campaign to defend the judge. The Supreme Court has postponed the issue of which courts are competent to deal with cases concerning Franco's victims until after they have dealt with Garzón. Saturday's protests in Madrid and many other Spanish cities (see the map below from Público) are a reminder of what is at stake.


ejh said...

Well, it's good that somebody is talking about fascism since I seem to have watched about three days' worth of news broadcasts about the late Juan Antonio Samaranch without anybody mentioning the word.

Graeme said...

Yes, it never ceases to amaze how a bit of involvement in sport can do wonders for whitewashing someone's public image.