Friday, February 12, 2010

Say That Again And I'll Whack You With My Golf Club!

Not wishing to be left behind the boss when it comes to swaggering arrogance, other members of the infamous Aguirre gang are now getting in on the act. Almost three years ago, back in 2007, I wrote a post about how a proposed public park in Madrid got suddenly transformed into a private golf practice centre, all in the "general interest". This latter factor was the excuse used by the Comunidad de Madrid to get around the refusal of the city administration to give a licence for the project. One of the key figures in the decision was Ignacio Gonzalez and members of his family were very closely linked to the project. Gonzalez is of course the man that Espe wanted as president of Caja Madrid, no doubt because of his high ethical standards.

Anyway, a court in Madrid has now ruled that the project was done illegally, for the fairly obvious reason that the "general interest" was abused to push it through avoiding the need to have a licence. So here is how Gonzalez responded yesterday to a question on the subject of this ruling and his family connections. To listen to him you would think that the court had never ruled one of his pet projects to be illegal. There are some who believe that, right at the very end of this video, Gonzalez mouths a common Spanish insult recently popularized by the lady sat to his left. Any lip readers out there?

What is the cause of such bad behaviour? Personally, I blame the parents.

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Lavengro in Spain said...

The body language of the man sitting directly behind him shows considerable embarrassment. I know he applauds at the end ... but he has to really.