Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rompiendo El Silencio

There is a very valuable NGO working in Israel called Breaking The Silence. This group is made up of soldiers who have taken part in Israeli army operations in the occupied territories of Palestine, and is therefore in a privileged position to report on the routine abuses committed as part of that occupation. So how does the Israeli government respond to the revelations of such a group? The choice is between acting against the perpetrators of such barbaric activities, or acting against those who reveal their existence. It will come as little surprise to find out that it is the latter policy that has been adopted. The Spanish government provides a small contribution of around €60-70,000 a year from international cooperation funds to help fund the work of the group, and the Israeli government has decided that the best way to suppress any criticism of their activities is to put pressure on those who fund Breaking The Silence

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