Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Gürtel Way To Better Spanish....La Pastuqui

Continuing with what promises to be a revolutionary new method for learning colloquial Spanish, I am pleased to present the latest published transcript of a conversation from those behind the Gürtel corruption case which introduces the eager student to ways of talking about money. The conversation concerns the installation of the stands for the Formula One race held in Valencia last year, a job which appears to have been awarded to the Gürtel clan. A potentially very lucrative contract as the end of the conversation between our two protagonists demonstrates:

Crespo: "Sí, le voy a decir que aquí... si sale el tema bien... hay pelas".

Correa: "Aquí hay pelas y, si sale bien, hay pelas para todos. Una pastuqui importante, vamos".

Now it's almost inevitable that someone will try to suggest that the awarding of the contract has something to do with the close friendship between the Gürtel people and the elegantly dressed higher echelons of the Valencian regional government. Such unfounded insinuations will not be tolerated here on South of Watford, let me make that clear.


CafeMark said...

I'm guessing pelas = pesetas (ie dosh)?

Graeme said...

Absolutely, and pastuqui too. I guess that's the problem with the Gürtel method - it improves vocabulary but only for a limited range of concepts.