Thursday, June 04, 2009

Scandal In Madrid....Aguirre Obeys The Law!

Although some think that I do it with malice aforethought, it's not for nothing that Madrid's president is known as Santa Espe (de Mumbai). Esperanza Aguirre came to the rescue today of those who have fallen on hard times recently, by announcing in a press conference that the unemployed who were no longer eligible for their unemployment benefit would still be allowed to receive free healthcare in what remains of Madrid's formerly public health service. Sounds almost excessively generous, perhaps she will pay for it from her own meagre salary or from the abundant resources of Fundescam? Annoying though details can be, it seems there is a tiny flaw behind this apparent act of generosity; the law states that those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits cannot be denied health care. It's not something that the autonomous comunidades can decide for themselves. Much as she will probably hate it, The Outlaw Espe has been caught in a rare instance of obeying the law. Let's hope it's not the beginning of a trend.

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