Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ghosts Of Telemadrid

Telemadrid, misinforming the Spanish capital since 2003, has been having some industrial relations problems recently. There have been a number of 24 hour strikes which have taken the channel off the air, leading to no appreciable decline in programming quality. Distressingly, and I think I've mentioned this before, even when the channel shows nothing more than a blank screen it continues to register a share of the viewing audience. This leaves us with the conclusion that some viewers have perhaps been left paralysed by repeated uncontrolled exposure to images of the Lideresa's activities, and are no longer able to operate the remote control. The current dispute is over plans to sack some of the workforce. There are employees of the channel who have effectively been left without work for some time because of their unwillingness to bow to the political manipulation of Telemadrid's programming. The campaign against these sackings has now taken an imaginative turn, as you will be able to see from these video extracts. The second one is particularly good, as the presenter struggles to explain the reasons for the interruption of coverage.

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