Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Leader Of The Pack

It's official, Madrid is number one. By a long way too. It seems that the Spanish capital is easily the most indebted city in Spain, over 20% of the national total of municipal debt is ours. That's €6.683.943.000 to put it in not so round figures, and works out at a bargain €2080 per inhabitant. No wonder the banks are in trouble. So eat your heart out Barcelona with your pathetic €770 million. Not to mention the johnny come lately of Valencia or Zaragoza with their yacht races and Expo's - way behind on €801 and €690 million respectively. I can't say it often enough, tunnels are where the go ahead 21st century Spanish city puts its money! By the way, can anyone lend me a few thousand euros? I'll pay it back....honest.

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