Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carnival Time For Mariano

You remember a few weeks ago when a group of morons dressed up as the “Hamilton Familly” (sic) whilst others hurled racist abuse at Lewis Hamilton? We were assured that it was all a big joke because the morons in question were just dressed up for Carnival and therefore couldn’t possibly be racists.

Well the man playing the solo in the photograph above has obviously learnt something from this incident, and nobody should assume he meant any harm when he said on Wednesday that “the rights of immigrants mustn’t prejudice the rights of the Spanish”. I mean, come on, he was just having a joke, a bit of a laugh with his costumed friends. If you don’t get it then you obviously have no sense of humour.


Steve bleeding the state dry daily in Alcala said...

I saw the funny side this morning especially when the bank under our flat has been covered in España 2000 posters telling us how we are bleeding the state dry and using up all the nursery places. Its even more hillarious when we realise that our taxes don´t give us representation. But the biggest rib tickler is how supposedly informed politicians use inflamatory language and think people won´t see it as an acceptable truth.

Graeme said...

Spongers! Come over here cleaning our homes and workplaces, picking our tomatoes, and on top of it all they expect to be able to send their kids to school. Where will it all end?