Monday, January 21, 2008

Are You The Right Person For This Job?

As if getting a job wasn’t already hard enough in Spain there are always some companies whose requirements are somewhat exclusive. As it’s normally those who are politically on the right who like to complain about political correctness here’s a job advert to redress the balance (via Las penas del Agente Smith). Take a look at the list of Requisitos Minimos.

The company responsible for advertising the post has quickly withdrawn the ideological test from the original advertisement on one site, although not from another. Note also the requirements for the nationality of candidates, it’s not quite saying “only people of white European origen need apply” but it’s not too far away from it. Anyway, here are a handy couple of interview hints for anyone interested in the position:

Arrive late for the interview and offer as your excuse “I would have got here easily before Zapatero and his red separatist friends introduced all these speed traps on the motorway

Then rest your rifle on the table, cross yourself, and break the ice by saying “You do understand that I refuse to accept any payment for working overtime?”.

Presumably, if being right-wing is a minimum requirement for the post, left-wing candidates might be seen as over-qualified?

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StarHound said...

I'm a bit perplexed as to how someone thought that this sort of thing was acceptable in the first place. Not even a 'Gentleman's Agreement' to keep the discrimination under the table?

What does this say about Spain at the moment?