Monday, August 06, 2007

Fireman Zapatero

Fireman Zapatero isn't having an easy summer. Next year he's up for re-election as Chief Spanish Fire Officer, and he doesn't want anything to spoil his chances while everyone is relaxing by the beach. Fireman Zapatero goes to the Canary Islands. They have been having big fires, and huge areas of Tenerife and Gran Canaria have been burnt. However, by the time Fireman Zapatero gets there the locals have managed to extinguish the fires that other locals had started. "So the fire is out" says Fireman Zapatero, "Good. Here's a big bag of money to make sure its stays out; must rush, things to do and places to go".

Fireman Zapatero goes to Barcelona, the city is not on fire apart from the odd electricity substation or two; but the lights are blinking on and off, the trains are not working, the traffic jams are piling up and maybe some people will start looking for a new Chief Fire Officer if things don't improve. "I see you're having problems", says Fireman Zapatero, "Here's a big bag of mone.....oh sorry, I seem to have given all my money to those nice people in the Canary Islands! Never mind, I'll write you a note promising big bags of money from next year; things can only get better!".

Fireman Zapatero is on holiday now, but he is still watchful. He lies in his hammock and seems to be asleep, but he keeps one half-opened eye on the neighbour's barbecue in case it gets out of control.

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