Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You've Got To Be Cruel To Be Kind

Amongst all the comments on the death of Pinochet comes this gem from Manuel Fraga, founder of the Partido Popular (via

"Podía haber cometido algunos excesos pero, en principio, dejaba un país mejor de lo que se lo había encontrado"

my translation

"He might have committed a few excesses but, in principle, he left a better country than the one that he found"

Nobody should be too surprised by these words, Fraga served for many years as a minister under General Franco before discovering the joys of democracy and of course, impunity; nobody from Franco's regime ever faced a trial of any kind.

Those were the days....


Tom Clarke said...

Yeah, the Spanish dimension to this whole story is very interesting. It's also noteworthy that many of the pro-Pinochet messages left at the BBC's discussion zone were from correspondents based in Madrid. Fraga's comments are as mindlessly banal and silly as I'd expect from the old propaganda minister.

madrid teacher said...

Thatchers line was even better, she said he brought democracy to Chile. The mad old bag.

johnny magics said...

haha well in a way he did. It's like if you kidnap someone's children and then, years later, return them to their parents, you're technically responsible for the reunion. Never mind the fact that they were together before.