Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Fleet Prepares

Last week I wrote about the possibility of Spain participating in the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon. It now seems likely that up to 1000 Spanish troops could be on their way to participate in this force. The Spanish navy is already making preparations to leave as soon as the Parliament gives its
approval to the operation, the vote should be on the 7th September.

By this time we should finally see what the attitude of the Partido Popular is going to be, there are reported to be strong pressures from those close to Jose Maria Aznar to vote against sending the force. Naturally, those who supported the invasion of Iraq find it hard to stomach the idea of a UN sponsored peacekeeping force. I suspect they will not vote against sending the troops, but they will still be out to take any opportunity this risky operation provides to cause damage to the government.

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rufus said...

For sure PP people cannot distinguish between legal military operations to restore the peace and the welfare in Lebanon, and those economically based to ocupate a country, contributing to the instability worldwide.
I dont like military, I dont like armies, but if we have to have one, lets employ it for humanitarian objectives.
Zapatero claimed in his electoral campaign that there would be no more than 3000 soldiers in operations abroad. If these operations contributes to keep peace, lets increase this limit